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NoSQL - MongoDB

Trifork is an official MongoDB Service Partner in the Netherlands, which means we provide various services around introducing and implementing MongoDB effectively for our customers.

A fundamental shift is taking place in the database market. Demand for non-relational (NoSQL) databases is exploding as organizations look for low cost scalable ways of storing and managing data. If you are new to NoSQL, then moving away from traditional, relational databases may at first appear daunting and you are asking yourself:

  • Can I use NoSQL with a new project?
  • Are NoSQL solutions enterprise-ready?
  • How do I go about architecting a NoSQL solution?

The answer is: MongoDB; an open source document-oriented database that provides a better match for the data storage and retrieval requirements for many enterprise applications than the traditional relational databases do. MongoDB allows you to work with JSON-like rich document structures, which greatly reduces the impedance mismatch between your application's data structures and the way in which they are represented in a database.

MongoDB does not enforce a fixed schema, thereby supporting agile development in a world where data models continuously evolve, yet still provides rich query functionality along with very high performance. It can deal with very large data sets by scaling horizontally through its built-in support for sharding, so it can grow together with your data storage needs if a single machine setup no longer suffices. Fail-over and other high availability features in MongoDB are provided by replica sets, assuring your data is always there when you need it even in the face of a server outage.

More information on MongoDB

Customers using MongoDB

The interesting project that aims to bring people to Mars on a one-way ticket, required a high traffic application website.

Trifork has implemented their site using MongoDB as their primary storage for the applicant data.

As part of the EPD (electronic patient file) system, Trifork has used MongoDB to implement part of the storage.

Most importantly, we use the GridFS feature of MongoDB for storing digital medical information (e.g. lab results).

Blogs on MongoDB

Why are Enterprises turning to MongoDB?

Many Enterprises are enjoying the benefits of MongoDB in their projects and here are some reasons why:

  • Over 500 commercial customers, with numerous large deployments scaling to 1000 or more servers. Enterprise customers include O2, Telefonica, The National Archives, Government Digital Service and Disney

  • 451 group’s analysis of LinkedIn profile member skills illustrates MongoDB adoption greater than other NoSQL technologies combined

  • MongoDB developer skillset is trending at #2 for online jobs according to indeed.com, positioned after HTML5

  • Google searches for MongoDB and Mongo now exceed combined searches versus other NoSQL vendors.

I'm interested now what?

Sign up to see if you are eligible for a 60-minute session with senior MongoDB specialist. We call these Brown Bag sessions. The aim is to educate and demonstrate, using best practices gleaned from thousands of deployments, how MongoDB can be used to architect a solution.

You will soon see how easy and quickly it is to get started.

Trifork is experienced to help you get started with MongoDB at both the application code level as well as at the infrastructure level by architecting a deployment topology that fits your needs. Through our partnership with 10gen, our customers are always guaranteed access to the experts that build the product itself as and when necessary.

MongoDB Experts Needed?

We have extensive experience with succesfully building large scale search applications using MongoDB.

Want to know more about our experience and availability?

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Speak to a specialist?

We employ thought leaders such as Joris Kuipers and many other high profile open source specialists in our teams. This means we are perfectly positioned to offer support, training or even help define how this technology can support your technical challenges.

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Contact us for a Brown Bag session with a MongoDB engineer it's basically: 

  1. A 60 minute session with our experts
  2. Educates & demonstrates MongoDB best practices
  3. Covers how it can be used in practice
  4. Our sneak preview to you of the host of opportunities
  5. An excuse to have some decent biscuits (which we'll bring with us!).
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