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Project Delivery

Project Delivery

As a full-service solution provider Trifork offers its clients a complete end-to-end set of services to support the full project life cycle. Trifork’s project delivery services cover the creation process from the initial functional-, technical- and graphical designs, through the various development stages, into ultimately application maintenance & support in a production environment. 

One of Trifork’s key success factors for delivering projects on time and within budget is the use of an agile process. Trifork’s preferred development approach is based on an iterative development model known as Scrum

Scrum divides the design and development work into time boxes known as sprints. Each sprint typically consists of 2-4 weeks, depending on the specific project characteristics. 

Trifork development methodology 
The use of a tried-and-tested methodology is a key factor in every project’s success. At Trifork, we have years of project experience and have tailored our methodology in a way that ensures success and achieves the highest amount of business value to our customers.

Our methodology is based on two pillars: the use of Scrum and our strong and proven engineering practices. This powerful combination is what makes our methodology so effective.


Scrum in a nutshell

Scrum provides a minimal and focused set of roles, meetings and practices to provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Focuses on Product Development
  • Maximum Return On Investment (ROI) through prioritization
  • Incremental delivery of working software
  • Feedback into new requirements and priorities
  • Quality standards are built-in
  • Self improving
  • Reliable planning
  • Removes sources of waste.

In a nutshell...

  1. Delivering quality is our top priority
  2. Hold us accountable
  3. We're extremely committed
  4. A promise is a promise.