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At Trifork we work with numerous customers in the commercial sector. By working side by side with our customers, Trifork designs, develops and delivers custom-built solutions. We have created solutions for startups as well as large corporations. The main reason why we are comfortable developing solutions in so many different business domains is because our teams are working closely with our customers, learning their domains and converting this knowledge into solutions. We have experience in:


The healthcare sector faces unprecedented opportunities for providing better services to both patients and healthcare professionals. Further, new technologies allow for creating solutions that can greatly increase the operational efficiency and improve the quality of care of healthcare institutions, whilst slashing costs.

By working side by side in driving innovation, Trifork has developed the expertise to develop technical solutions to address some of what we believe to be the key focus areas in the healthcare industry; namely integration, accessibility, security, encryption & auditing. Currently, Trifork is creating an advanced multi-disciplinary EPD for Gerimedica. This solution has been built from scratch in very close cooperation with our customer. The knowledge of Gerimedica combined with Trifork's knowledge and experience is resulting in a state of the art solution that is attracting a lot of attention in the Healthcare industry. 

Directory Services

Today, the communications service provider is rethinking its approach to directory services. Some companies have divested directory services entirely. Others have achieved phenomenal success by redefining the very nature of directory services and by finding and exploiting new and profitable technical solutions. Driven by the growth in online searches, and specifically local online searches, we see a shift in the business model towards offering a measurable lead generation service tailored to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. At Trifork our successes have largely come from changing the ways in which customers find, buy, and sell these new directory services and enable consumers to connect anywhere, anytime, and any place conveniently. From developing technology for self-service content generation to local directory search techniques and plotting listings on Google maps, our experience in this sector is unique. We pride ourselves in offering our clients solutions that suit their needs. Today, Trifork is developing various high-end solutions in this rapidly changing industry. One of which is lokaaltotaal.nl, an initiative of DTG. 


With IT solutions running at the core of every organization in the Finance industry, technical innovation is becoming increasingly relevant to this industry to create a competitive edge. This is especially true for Investment Management organizations that face fierce competition predominantly from banks. Over the years, Trifork has created cutting edge investment portfolio solutions for various Investment organizations – and with great success. With client-side technologies developing rapidly, and mobile channels becoming mainstream, the challenge is to offer end-users a close to real-time insight into their portfolios and allowing them to move fast if the situation requires them to do so. Providing end users with relevant information and investment advice on the go, whilst meeting the needs of both risk averse investors and profit seeking transactional traders, this can only be achieved with high-end solutions that reap the fruits of today’s technologies. Trifork is ideally positioned to deliver just that. Trifork currently maintains various financial information portals for its customers in the Finance industry, most of these solutions we have built from scratch.

Cultural Heritage

In the emerging information society, Cultural Heritage institutions such as libraries, museums and national archives are faced with new challenges. Some are directly imposed by the emergence of new IT technologies and the possibilities they create, whilst others are a result of either a pull from society or the government. In this context, the institutions in the Cultural Heritage domain are increasingly focusing on moving away from a collection- to a user- or visitor-centered approach, seeking to develop more effective ways in managing internal resources and assets, and in providing a better service. This presents a tremendous technical challenge, as data collections are often extremely large, they may consist of many different data types, and the need for them to be made accessible through various channels. Currently, Trifork is working on solutions for e.g. NIOD and ProBiblio. Both organizations for whom IT is the key enabler to all core-processes.