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Government & Non-Profit

Government & Non-Profit

While many Government and Non-Profit organizations have been using open-source software for years, the new emphasis on limited and tighter budgets means this sector is likely to exploit this even further in years to come.

In this context, open source solutions provide an excellent starting point to develop cost effective solutions based on open standards. Further, national and regional Governments are also focused on enhancing accessibility for the public by creating various online self-service solutions. For now, the self-service offerings can mostly be used on a voluntary basis, whereby we expect that moving forward self-service will become the norm.

In practice this often means migrating multiple content management systems into one and to centralize all content management activity. Due to the volume in content and the diversity of the systems involved, centralization creates a tremendous technical and organizational challenge.

Our experience in large, high profile Governmental projects have taught us how to make the right fundamental architectural choices and how to work together with the internal teams.

Trifork has played a key role in for example the creation of Rijksoverheid.nl, an incredibly large project in which information streams from all the Dutch Ministries and are channeled through one main information portal. The solution we have created is based on Hippo CMS.