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Educational institutions are currently investing heavily in strategic IT.

Why? Because, technology is changing the ways in which schools teach and students learn. This process is accelerated by both a strong pull from the market, and a considerable push from players wishing to secure their market positions.

The technical challenge within the Educational domain lies within the fact that solutions are mostly based on domain-specific industry standards. Given that these standards are complex and often not 100% clear-cut, Trifork always draws on its vast hands-on experience to make decisions when designing and developing solutions.

Scalability, multi-channel availability and personalized learning paths are recurring themes. In this context it's good to know we have walked these paths before.

For many years, Trifork has created state of the art solutions for various leaders in the Educational Publishing space, like Malmberg and ThiemeMeulenhoff. Futher, we have created sometimes extremely complex application software for Kennisnet, College voor Examens and many others, including Mobile apps such as Learn to write with Tracy.

Some of our educational solutions are based on IMS Global standards (QTI & LTI), using our own QTI Assessment Delivery Engine. This innovative engine is able to assess students on a multi-platform (web) environment, based on Open Standards. We have a live demo available which shows some of the capabilities of this QTI Player.