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Customer overview

At Trifork we pride ourselves in our ability to get to know our customers and to grasp the challenges from within their industry quickly. We have experienced professionals onboard who are a sparring partner for our customers and the technology experts who love to come up with innovative, yet durable solutions.

  • ANVA

    • ANVA is the major software development house for insurance companies. Trifork has done an audit of one of their main applications and provided some incidental consulting.

  • Annexum

    • annexum logo

      Annexum is the largest real-estate investment company in The Netherlands. They have a wide portfolio of funds and a large clientele base. Trifork is their premier partner for all of their web-related activities, supporting the current website and enabling their customers to view their current portfolio status online.

  • ANWB

    • This is the Royal Dutch Touring Club. Its objective is to support the interests of its members in the areas of recreation, tourism, traffic and transport, all in the broadest sense.

  • Avery Dennison

    • Avery Dennison is a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology, self-adhesive base materials and self adhesive consumer & office materials. Trifork designed a tool whereby Avery Dennison could clearly portray & maintain the color options for their self-adhesive product range. With a simple mouse click visitors to their site could access detailed product specifications.

  • Backbase

    • Backbase logo

      Backbase is a portal provider for financials and large enterprises. Trifork supports the Backbase product team on an architectural and technological level. Trifork has also been involved in training  Backbase developers on both processes and technologies.

  • Belastingdienst

    • belastingdienst

      Trifork has worked on several projects within the Dutch Tax Authority. Our most important involvement has been involvement in the 'webstraat' standards body, which is the group within the Dutch Tax Authority setting the standards for design, architecture and implementation of projects in Java. Furthermore, we advise the Tax Authority on many specific technological issues.

  • Benaulim

    • Benaulim is the company behind Catawiki - a web based catalogue for collectors. The catalogue is filled by users in the same way as Wikipedia. Trifork provides Solr support to help improve  search performance on their site, and utilize more of Apache Solr's capabilities.

    •  Beslist

  • Bridge Big

  • CareWeb

    • Trifork has helped CareWeb implement an electronic patient file solution. This included cooperative implementation for health institutes and providing the technical infrastructure for the development process.

  • Centrum Maliebaan

    • cen maliebaan

      Together with CareWeb, Trifork has developed an Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) application for Centrum Maliebaan.

  • Cheqqer

    • Cheqqer is a holiday review website where travellers can exchange recommendations and experiences. Trifork provided consultancy during the setup of Apache Solr and later providing guidance on handling multiple languages and ways in which to  improve search performance.

  • College Voor Examens

    • The College voor Examens is the ZBO that is responsible for the central, national and numerous other examinations. Trifork is developing the software system that will be used for the digital versions of the central exams within VO together with Cito and DUO.

  • Debitel

    • Trifork has developed the mobile services / PDA presence for Debitel. Basically, it is offered as the starting package for Debitel customers. The PDA portal was developed in cooperation with Ilse Media.

  • De Telefoongids

    • dtg logo

      De TelefoonGids (DTG) is a leading online media company, bringing companies into contact with new customers via the Internet, mobile, and print. It provides users with immediate relevant information about companies, products and people. Trifork has been involved in setting up the website (www.detelefoongids.nl), regional and local directories (LokaalTotaal) and mobile services for all mobile platforms. Further we have also supported the sales organization with sales insight for their customers.

  • Designer-Vintage

    • Designer-Vintage is the international leading luxury marketplace to buy & sell 100% authentic designer clothes, shoes, bags and more. Trifork has developed the entire platform including the management of the application itself and implementation of the payment provider. Designer-Vintage is approaching 1 million page views per month.

  • Dorpspunt

    • Dorpspunt is an initiative to provide support to people of the community by means of mediation in service offerings. Trifork has been responsible for the implementation of the entire business support system.

      Dorpspunt is another implementation of the white labeled system developed for Elivio.

  • DONG Energy

    • DONG Energy is a large player in the energy market for the North European market. Trifork has realized a platform in which customers can log their energy consumption, thus streamlining the customer-entry processes and reducing unnecessary paper work for DONG Energy.

  • DNB

    • Trifork has conducted tailor-made training sessions for developers at De Nederlandsche Bank on several occasions, mostly related to using Apache Wicket and on Test Driven Development (TDD).

  • EduHub / Springest

    • EduHub now called Springest is an independent comparison website for training courses. Springest provides an overview in 21 categories and over 1.000 different courses. Training providers can load their own content onto the site in order to ensure accuracy and up to date information. Trifork has helped the development team of Springest to efficiently use Apache Solr/Lucene, to optimize and extend their search capabilities.

  • Educator

    • Educator is a innovative software development company building an information system for the educational market. This product supports all administrative and educational processes for schools and universities. Trifork has helped their development team by training them on use of Apache Wicket for their front-end needs.

  • Elmar Reizen

    • Elmar Reizen (now known as Elmar) is the largest independent travel site in the Netherlands. Trifork delivered customized Apache Solr/Lucene training sessions to their development team and provided assistance in the setup of their advanced search solution. Trifork developed a tailored high performance solution which allows grouping of travel offers across their massive amount of data.

  • Elivio

    • Elivio is an initiative to provide support to people of the community by means of mediation in service offerings. Trifork has been responsible for the implementation of the entire business support system.

  • ETC

    • Enrichment Technology Company (ETC) is a technology leader in uranium enrichment. Their operations play a pivotal role in the production of nuclear fuel. Trifork has helped ETC with the design and architecture of their main testing infrastructure.

  • EAIE

    • eaie logo

      The EAIE (European Association for International Education) is a non-profit organization aiming towards the internationalization of higher education in Europe and around the world. Trifork is working with EAIE to redesign and modernize their website, using the open source CMS system Magnolia.


  • European Directories

    • European Directories operate in total 7 websites throughout Europe. Trifork have delivered an easy to use Magnolia Content Management System whereby each individual country can manage their own content.

  • Europeana

    • Trifork has been helping Europeana in development on both an architectural level as well as specifically on the use of Apache Solr.

  • FIZ Karlsruhe

    • Fiz Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure makes scientific information from all over the world publicly available. Trifork delivered a very advanced Apache Solr and Lucene training to their development team.

  • Fredhopper

    • Fredhopper develops search and merchandising software for online sales channels. Trifork provided Wicket expertise at a project level, reviewing their requirements, estimations and approach.

  • Funda

    • Funda is the number 1 real estate website in the Netherlands, listing all the properties for sale or rent by real estate agents. Trifork provided advice to their technical team on implementing an Apache Solr search solution.

  • GeriMedica

    • GeriMedica is leading several healthcare sectors with their innovative concept of an Electronic Patient Record system. GeriMedica is combining modern technology and product vision to support the workflow within the healthcare division. Trifork is responsible for the complete rebuild of their existing application in order to give users from different disciplines the ability to cooperate and easily find relevant information in each individual patient medical record. Our solution was a highly secured, web-based, customizable Software-as-a-Service solution.



  • Hachette Filipacchi Media (HFM)

    • Development of a platform of related sub sites for an end-client of HFM whereby HFM creates the concepts and Trifork delivers the technical implementation.

  • ICTU

    • ictu logo

      ICTU is one of the main IT organizations for the Dutch government. Trifork has helped them in several projects with hands-on architectural guidance, and helped implement projects.

  • Woonbedrijf Ieder1

    • ieder1 logo

      Woonbedrijf Ieder1 is a housing corporation in the Netherlands. Trifork is developing the DZOIN platform for them based on Liferay. DZOIN is a collaboration platform that will help Ieder1 make their projects more productive.

  • ilocal

    • ilocal provides an online company directory search. Trifork has helped ilocal with several of their projects. This includes a platform for publishing their content to partner networks, but also the complete rebuild of their search solution using existing Open Source search components, basically replacing their commercial enterprise search solution with an Open Source one.

  • Ilse Media

    • Ilse Media is a new media company that owns and maintains many websites, including ilse.nl, nu.nl, startpagina.nl and many more. Ilse Media has been a customer of Trifork for many years. One of the projects Trifork has been involved in includes the development of their main sales system, tracking the entire process of advertisement offerings until the final stage of invoicing. Furthermore, Trifork has developed the highly efficient frontend for ilse.nl and created over 7 verticals: SERP implementations using our configurable template-based XML services, statistics module and advanced reporting.

  • Johan Enschede Amsterdam

    • Johan Enschedé Amsterdam is part of Johan Enschedé Nederland and besides being well known for printing the national currency they are also involved in many other software initiatives.  Trifork has helped Johan Enschedé in the implementation of a website for an housing association in Flex.

  • Jouve

    • Jouve is a provider of digital printing and online solutions. Trifork delivered Apache Solr and Lucene training to their technical team, providing guidance in the setup of the search solution, and performed an expert review identifying ways to further improve the solution.

  • Kennisnet

    • Kennisnet is a center of expertise when it comes to ICT in the Education sector. Kennisnet offers free & independent support to schools and educational institutions for the effective use & implementation of ICT to increase and moreover improve the learning experience. They thrive to deliver high quality service that is flexible to the specific needs of this sector.

  • Koninklijke Bibliotheek

    • Trifork has helped Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The National Library) to use Apache Solr as their main information retrieval system.

  • LokaalTotaal

    • As a subsidiary of De Telefoongids LokaalToaal provides comprehensive information on 4.5 million local businesses, organizations & associations. Trifork launched their new site which included enhanced functionality & features such as local weather, traffic, news, and events. Seen as the site largely depends upon local information, an easily accessible Content Management System (CMS) was set up in which LokaalTotaal and municipal employees could easily edit & add content.

      Due to its popularity, Trifork has recently launched a mobile version of the website which provides user information based on their current location with the use of GPS technology. Further the full functionality of the site is also accessible via the mobile application.

  • Malmberg

    • Malmberg is one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands specialized in developing educative learning materials. They have over 125 years experience and develop materials predominantly for primary and secondary schools, whereby they are market leaders in many subjects including German, Mathematics & Biology. Trifork has been actively working with Malmberg for several years now to transform their learning materials to support the transition to the digital era.




  • Ministerie van Algemene Zaken

    • Trifork has played an important part in the realization of the rijksoverheid.nl website. Using Hippo, Trifork has helped in the development and integrations related to the CMS system that allows all the ministries in the Netherlands to communicate with their external audience.

  • Mirabeau

    • Mirabeau is a full-service agency developing websites and online applications for their customers. Trifork has done an implementation in tandem with Mirabeau for their end-clients. This involved the implementation of facet search technology for a usability study for the online booking tool for a national airline.

  • Monsterboard

    • Monsterboard.nl  is part of the Monster Career Network, that originated in the US. It is the leading provider of online careers and recruitment resources committed to connecting organizations with individuals

  • Nationale Postcode Loterij

    • Trifork has been involved with the Nationale Postcodeloterij mostly through technical consulting on Hibernate.

  • NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies

    • As one of the major national centers for war documentation, NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies is appointed to help other documentation centers to expand their collections online. Trifork has built an engine which allows these collections available and searchable online.

  • Nederlands Uitburo (NUB)

    • Trifork has developed two things for NUB: a Solr-based search solution for events and a highly scalable registry for events and places.

  • Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

    • Trifork has helped NPO improve their internal search infrastructure, which is also used by several other broadcasting networks.

  • Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

    • Trifork has provided consultancy on infrastructure services for Amsterdam's central public library.

  • Play It Forward (PIF)

    • PIF is an online charity platform. Trifork has implemented this platform together with UncInc. We have been realizing the complete back-end of this platform in an agile manner.

  • PON Automobielhandel BV

    • pon logo

      Pon is a network that manages more than 250 dealers across the country. Trifork has developed an extranet which allows dealers real-time access to different types of information, based upon their profiles & requirements. This has significantly improved dealer relations and consistency in brand communications.

  • ProBiblio

    • ProBiblio is a full service solutions provider for public libraries in North & South Holland. ProBiblio was set up in order to provide extensive support specifically to the libraries division and in their area of specialism. ProBiblio offers a board range of products & services in order for the libraries to provide a high quality service to the general public and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

  • Qiy

    • Qiy is a platform that provides secure identity management to individuals. Trifork has helped Qiy in creating their highly scalable platform, as well as implementing some of the first applications on the Qiy platform.

  • Rabobank

    • For this global bank Trifork provided  Apache Solr expertise on a project level, reviewing their configurations and providing guidance on best practice to achieve a high performance, scalable solution.

  • Ranj Serious Games

    • Ranj creates games for corporate training, education, communication and health. Trifork developed a webservice as a proof of concept for a new game.

  • Sanoma Digital

    • Trifork has developed a website for Sanoma Mens Magazines that allows customers to compare mobile phones. Furthermore, it includes news, reviews and much more

  • SDL TriSoft

    • SDL Trisoft develops a Component Content Management solution for technical publication organizations. Trifork provided consulting and development support on Apache Solr.

  • SURFfoundation

    • SURFfoundation unites Dutch research universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions. All of these collaborate on innovative projects to improve the quality of higher education and research. SURFfoundation initiates, orchestrates and drives innovation in ICT through knowledge-sharing, incentive programs, and partnerships.

  • Sociale Verzekerings Bank (SVB)

    • Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), is the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands.

  • SpringSource

    • SpringSource is the commercial support organization around the Spring Framework, one of the most successful commercial open source products ever. SpringSource was co-founded by the founders of Trifork. Therefore, SpringSource remains a sister-company of Trifork and a source for developers and consultants when required.

  • Strawberries

    • Strawberries is an Amsterdam based Internet Company founded in 1997 in the communication and technology industry. Their core business lies in the translation and realization of their clients, online goals and ambitions into thorough Internet solutions. Trifork has done empowerment / skills transfer and consulting on building processes in a Java environment for Strawberries. 

  • Stichting Mobile Monday

    • Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. Now active in over 55 places around the world: from New York to Tokyo, from Mumbai to Toronto.

  • Syfact

    • Syfact is the leading product in the case-management tools, specializing in fraud risk reduction. They sell their products to banks worldwide. Trifork has helped Syfact develop their products by empowering their own development team with the use of common software development best practices and technical trainings.

  • T-Mobile

    • Trifork has developed the mobile services / PDA presence for T-Mobile. It is offered as the starting page for T-Mobile customers. The PDA portal was developed in cooperation with Ilse Media.

  • ThiemeMeulenhof

    • ThiemeMeulenhoff is one of the biggest educational publishers in the Netherlands. Trifork has a long standing relationship in developing systems (infrastructural aswell as EAs) for ThiemeMeulenhoff.

      Two specific examples include the application Digi-trainer, the application that is used by students to practice exams, and secondly Edubrowser, the generic custom software solution for disclosing digital content.

  • Tipspot

    • TipSpot is a Web 2.0 social guide to nightlife and shopping. Trifork has done the core product development of the entire application, including location based services for Tipspot and an API for a mobile client.

  • Tiscali

    • Tiscali is a telecom provider which has currently been taken over by KPN. Trifork was responsible for the infrastructure tying their many backend systems together, their portal restructure, and several service-launching sites (e.g. Overstappen Doe Je Zo)

  • TNT

    • For TNT Trifork has been involved with setting up their application platform. This included setting up clustering for Tomcat and huge performance improvements to existing applications.

  • TomTom

    • TomTom is the leading provider of GIS navigation systems. Trifork has done Java consulting and core platform development for TomTom. 

  • TU Delft

    • The Technical University of Delft requested Trifork to develop a system to enable online publishing of the various collections of the library using Facet Search - Also see www.facetsearch.org

  • UvA

  • Voetbal Media

    • Trifork has developed the website OnsOranje.nl using Hippo CMS. OnsOranje.nl was launched just before the European Championship in 2008.

  • VPRO

    • Trifork is helping VPRO both in realizing their own websites as well as with some of their specific search related issues. 

  • Westbury

    • Westbury Service Management Intelligence enables their customers to get insight into their IT environment. Trifork has done a large part of their core product development.

  • Wijs en van Oostveen

    • The complete development of a website for this investment specialist portraying the combination of their product offering with extensive experience. With the use of a Magnolia CMS this means they can maintain and update their site in-house and enable real-time information such as exchange rates to be displayed on their site at all times.

  • Zenggi

    • For zenggi.com Trifork has developed a fully custom web shop, based on an e-commerce engine. This web shop includes an order and inventory management system and easy administration module. Integration with delivery service and payment provider is also implemented.

  • Zorginitiatieven

    • Zorginitiatieven is a consortium providing funds and expertise to different healthcare initiatives. Trifork has developed a suite of administration systems for a private health clinic. The original idea was to enable a paperless health clinic.

Why work with Trifork?

  1. Our specialists are truly talented, and this makes all the difference
  2. We combine technical expertise with domain knowledge
  3. Our list of references are impressive
  4. We keep our promises and work hard to earn your trust
  5. If we make a mistake, we will fix it!

Nrs. 4 & 5 especially are unfortunately extremely hard to find these days...